Bill Thomas photo calendar
Bill Thomas photo Calendar
Bill Thomas Photo Calendar with wooden clipboard
Bill Thomas Photo Calendar with wooden clipboard

Calendar 2018

Bill Thomas Maker

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Each year I produce a 5 x 7 inch calendar using photos I've taken during the last 12 months.  While the shots are mostly landscapes taken from around home, the places I've traveled, or the places I've taught, you can expect an occasional person to appear in my images. Even more likely to be seen are old VWs and bikes.

You can order the full set which includes a wooden clip board to hold the calendar and the current years pages, or if you have already ordered from me, just buy the pages for the new year.  The clip boards are made from scrap wood I've horded over the years.  Each has a magnet on the back as well as a way to hang the calendar.

I print these on a heavy archival quality paper.  The photos can be framed or used to make cards.

This project has come to symbolize the circle of the seasons especially here in New England and it's a wonderful way to connect with old friends. Thanks in advance for your order and your support.

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