Mid Winter 2015

Mid Winter

snowy shop

I’m not sure where the last month went?  I did spend a few of the coldest days in hibernation, sitting close to the stove and pretty much doing nothing but I’ve also been out in the shop, probably not enough but I’ve been out there. I’ve also been slowly working away at office tasks.  The website is getting some needed updates and both digital and paper files are undergoing a much needed sorting.  And, I’ve dealt with snow. Lots of snow!  Maybe that’s where the time went?


I’ve not seen the official numbers yet but I’d guess we have gotten well over 65” of snow in the last 3 weeks.  Friday I spent more then 5 hour using the snow blower, clearing paths and shoveling deep snow off both the house and shop roofs.  Today, more time with the snow blower and this afternoon I climbed back up on the house roof with my old double bit ax to chop as much of the ice off the eves of the house as I dared.  The week ahead looks to be free of snow but the low tonight is forecast to be -10.  Winter is big this year and I’m enjoying it.  Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it.

This past weekend I went up to Maine Media Workshops near Camden Maine for a two-day Lightroom workshop with Kari Wehrs.  Learning this new application and moving my photo library is going to be a huge task but I now have a much stronger foundation as I slowly make the move from my current system. The class was excellent and a great change of pace for me.

snowy Camden, ME 
Camden Maine, a hopping town on a Saturday night

March will bring its usual changes. Winter will slowly recede; the days are already notably longer, I’ll spend a much bigger part of my workweek in the shop and perhaps, less time moving snow from one place to another.

And just for fun. I took this first photo on January 28 when I thought it had ‘snowed’.The second about 2 weeks later when it had in fact snowed.

cheers snowstorm 1

Cheers snowstorm 2 
after more snow