Quickbeam Sea Kayak


I happily paddled and guided out of my Willow Sea Kayak for five seasons. While the boat performed exceptionally well, as I paddled, I could not help thinking about the perfect kayak for my personal needs. I’m 6’4’’, not heavy, just tallish and I did feel like a bit more height in the cockpit would be nice.

Other slight changes, more length and breath to match the added depth, a fuller bow for more buoyancy in waves, a finer entry and exit to help compensate for the added wetted surface and more of an extreme drop from the forward to the aft ends of the cockpit. In the end these changes were involved enough to warrant a complete new design. QuickBeam is not simply a larger Willow; she’s a new boat. I'm very pleased with the design and can think of no changes I'd make!

Tilted towards the larger paddler who might use the boat on extended trips the ideal paddler weight would be between 170 and 280 pounds.


Length over all is 17’9” and the beam is 23 ¾”.

Depth at the forward edge of the cockpit is 12 ¾”

Depth at the aft of the cockpit, taken from the top of the coaming, is 10”.

Weight is around 48 pounds.

QuickBeam is offered as a finished boat or as a complete kit.

Finished Boats start at $5,200