Boat Construction

In addition to my own designs I also build boats drawn by other designers. I work primarily with marine grade plywood and build hulls up to 20' in length.


More substantial boat projects include a Redwing 18 and Ness Yawl. The Yawl is a striking 19’ open boat designed by Scotland based Ian Oughtred. Redwing is a Karl Stambaugh designed camp cruiser. I chronicled her construction in a how-to series for WoodenBoat magazine.


I have also worked on interiors of larger power and sail boats; designing, creating and installing cabinets, furniture, doors and trim work in hulls built by other shops.


If you are considering having a boat built let’s talk about making your dream come true.

Here is a small sample of projects, we are working on adding a photo gallery to this page.

Ness Yawl Rudder

 Ness Yawl

Ness Yawl stepped mast

Sooty Tern Ian Oughtred design


 Redwing 18 underway

 Phoenix III Ross Lillistone design

 Ian Oughtred Skerrie Skiff 15


 Building a Redwing Boat


 Redwing 18 underway