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Finished Boat



Fox is a decked double paddle canoe, a boat intended for protected waters along the coast, for lakes and for all those appealing backwaters and creeks you are always driving by and meaning to explore someday. With an 80” long cockpit, Fox is a grand boat for hunting, fishing and tripping with a dog or a young child seated forward of the paddler. Fox will take most paddlers any place they might chose to take a sea kayak and she'll prove to be an over all more versatile boat. If I could only have one boat, Fox would be my choice.

Fox boasts two accessible watertight compartments, which add flotation and dry gear storage so she's a great choice for camping as well as day trips. There’s ample room for your gear or just to stretch out. A rotating seat back and caned or webbing seat insure all day paddling comfort.

In a review featured in WoodenBoats’s annual Small Boats issue Mike O’Brien commented on Fox’s handling. “ Fox appears to have just the right amount of directional stability. It likes to keep going where we point it, yet it turns easily and predictably”.   I’m not sure what more to ask for in a small boat.

She is 14’7” long with a beam of 30"; the finished weight is just over 40 pounds.

Finished Fox Canoes start at $5800. Fox is available as a kit, we offer a full set of building plans and I teach several classes each year where students build their own Fox Canoes.

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Links to a building video and to a slideshow.

Fox Canoe storing gear for camping trip

Fox Canoe camping on Maine Island


Fox Canoe detail of seatback block

Fox Canoe building class installing carlins

Fox Canoe interior with cane seat

Fox Canoe roomy cockpit