Willow - Sea Kayak

Willow wooden sea kayak two views

With the Willow Sea Kayak I’ve found a balance of volume, hull shape and strength that covers a broad range of intended uses and fits a variety of paddlers and paddling styles. While ideal for day paddles, Willow has the volume and solid performance required of a true expedition kayak. The Chewonki Foundation has selected the design for their builders program. The kids spend the first 2 weeks of this 5 week program building their own Willow kayaks, then paddle them on a lightly supported 3 week expedition along the coast of Maine. The design is light strong and easy to build and serves as an all around sea kayak capable of multi week expeditions but well suited for an afternoon on a local lake.

Willow is 17’ 8” long with a beam of just under 23”.

The depth of the cockpit forward is 11 ½”, aft it’s 9 ½”.

The average weight is around 44 pounds.

The boat is suitable for paddlers from 130 to 250 pounds.


wooden sea kayaks on squam lake


9 Willow wooden sea kayaks


building willow wooden sea kayak