Overview of My Boat Designs

In 2002, after more then 40 years of paddling canoes and kayaks, nearly 20 years of building and repairing boats and almost as many teaching, I started to design boats. My focus has been on the boats I know best: small craft, kayaks, double paddle canoes and prams.

My designs are offered as finished boats, very detailed complete kits, full plans sets as well as boat building classes where each student builds their own boat.

As a Registered Maine Guide I’ve had the opportunity to lead and instruct numerous kayaking and sailing trips and I’ve seen first hand how both beginners and seasoned outdoor adventurers use and interact with a variety of small boats. These trips coupled with my own solo adventures and time spent teaching in the shop have given me a great deal of insight into what works, or doesn’t work for first time builders, paddlers and sailors. It’s a unique perspective and a pretty tight feedback loop. My goal has been to create boats that are solid predictable performers for beginners yet continue to be fulfilling boats as paddlers and sailors skills improve. Design parameters and construction choices have been carefully choreographed to create strong, attractive boats that can be assembled from a kit by home builders or by students during one-week classes.

Currently I offer five boat designs. Three kayaks and one double paddle decked canoe and a pram. Please touch base if you have questions on which boat  might be best for your needs. Here is a link to a gallery of photos about my designs and building process.