Spring is a bit slow coming this year

Shop Projects 
shop projects

Spring is a bit slow coming in this year, but the longer days do make it easier to spend more time working in the shop and they offer some daylight time outside at the end of the day.  Sunshine, it’s good stuff this time of year.  Yesterday it was in the 50’s but today we’re back to cold, wind and morning rain. Come to think of it, this is spring.


I’ve got several projects going on out in the shop. Some personal and, well, right now they are all personal projects. I’m building out two bikes, one an old mixte and the other a new Black Mountain Cycles frame for myself. And, after 10 years I’m finally building our kitchen cabinets.  I’ll go into more details over the next few weeks on the bikes and cabinets.

I’m setting up some new classes for the fall, but the teaching season starts the first week of May in my shop. I’ve got two students coming to build Pygmy Pinguinos.  There is room in the class for one more boat. You can spend the week building a Pygmy Pinguino or build one of my designs. If you are interested get in touch right away. Cut off for the Pygmy design is April 12 and you have until April 19 to sign up if you would like to build Fox, Willow or QuickBeam.

Build your own sea kayak in my shop 
Last May’s building class in my shop

Continuing the updates and changes to my website, one of the new pieces is an Instagram page. I’m finding it’s a great way to share.  Not too invasive or demanding on you or me, and great fun. I’m looking forward to expanding this community. Here is my instagram page.

Instagram account

Our kitchen is sandwiched between paying work. I’ve found that’s the best way to move house projects ahead. We are the client and it’s a full time job until it’s finished (or nearly finished).  I’ve got a kitchen do for a client in Portland in May. Before I started our cabinets I built a cherry cabinet, with four moveable shelves, to handle a changing display. I reluctantly shipped the cabinet down to Aruba, as it looked really nice in our house. Check my   Cabinets and Furniture page for a few more photos.

Display cabinet in cherry 
Display cabinet in cherry
Ogunquit River melting 
The Ogunquit River, last Saturday, still winter?
Maple trees tapped for syrup 
Maple trees tapped for syrup. Spring for sure?