Mischief Wooden Pram
building Mischief Pram, a wooden pram

Mischief Pram - Complete Kit

Bill Thomas Maker

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I'll get back to work on this project in the fall. Expect full kits and perhaps plans sometime in early 2024.

Like all our kit offerings, the Mischief boat kit is very complete. All the wood parts, fiberglass cloth, tape and hardware you need to build your pram are included. We also include MAS epoxy with pumps and fillers. Hull planks are CNC cut marine grade plywood and the seats, outwells and seat risers are yellow pine. You get a set of plans and a 35 page builders guide that walks you through the building process. This is a great first time building project. It takes about 4 days to assemble the hull. After that, sand, paint and go for a row.