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Fox Canoe - Plans
Fox Decked Double Paddle Canoe Plans
Fox Canoe - Plans

Fox Canoe - Plans

Bill Thomas Maker

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Most Fox builders chose to build from kits. Even with the cost of shipping the kit the final price of a boat built from plans approaches the cost of the complete kit. Access to materials and economy of scale are at work here. However, there are many reasons to build your Fox Canoe working from our plans. Some builders have materials left over from another project some want the pleasure of building a boat from a set of plans and a small stack of plywood. Towards that end, our plans are very detailed. We send you a 9 page set of drawings with offsets for all the hull planks and full size drawings for many of the parts. We also include a 36 page building guide and of course you can always call or email with any questions.

Plans shipped to USA addresses are rolled.

Plans shipped outside the USA will be folded.